Corporate culture slogan: plan is the best guarantee of time, time is the efficiency of a solid foundation, efficiency is the optimization of the operation of the master, action is the only way to succeed.

Jiangsu YuanDong Civil Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. is engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of the professional manufacturer of civil engineering materials and instruments. It is a member of the CTAG( Chinese Technical Assocition on Geosynthetics)and has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification.

At present, the main products of the enterprise for civil engineering materials and related materials: Civil inclinometer, grouting pipe, pipe, water pipe and civil settlement film, geogrid; instrument mainly vibrating wire sensors, such as the anchor cable dynamometer, dynamometer, reinforced soil pressure gauge and pore water pressure gauge, concrete stress meter, strain gauge, displacement meter, water meter, joint gauge, inclinometer, intelligent test instrument and other varieties. Over the years, companies closely linked to the pulse of the market, continuous innovation, has accumulated rich experience in product development, product quality.

Our products have been successfully applied in the Three Gorges hydropower station, Longtan Hydropower Station, the Zipingpu Hydropower Station, Jiangya Hydropower Station, the water conservancy project, Dayawan nuclear power station, the Lianyungang nuclear power station, Shanghai International Airport, Guangzhou metro, Yangpu bridge, Qianjiang bridge, Shanghai Nanjing Expressway, Hangzhou Jinhua Quzhou expressway, Shanghai Jinmao Tower, Huainan Coal Mine Bureau of a number of national key projects, deep experts and users of praise and recognition, is the domestic related research institutes, colleges and universities recommend, have a certain reputation in the industry.